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While an in-house cleaning team may be seen as more convenient, keeping your cleaners in-house cuts into your bottom line.

When you add up salaries, perks, and all other costs associated with an in-house cleaning team, you’ll find it’s a larger line item in your budget than previously thought.

Contracting your cleaning services with Sanitation Solutions Plus gives you a team of cleaners with decades of experience that clean seven days a week, no matter how often you operate.

We’ve handled cleaning contracts for small and mid-sized businesses since 2010, helping our clients pass FDA and SQF audits in the process.

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Commercial Cleaning for Produce Facilities in Virginia

As more food recalls happen, the FDA makes its guidelines more stringent.

These new standards are harder to achieve, meaning you’re likelier to fail an audit. That likelihood is significantly increased if you have your floor workers cleaning your machines to save money.

Even if you have an in-house team, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be able to pass more rigorous FDA guidelines.

Sanitation Solutions Plus brings decades of combined experience, allowing us to help you pass FDA and SQF inspections.

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Commercial Cleaning for Dry Food Production in Virginia

Since there aren’t any regulations for cleaning products, it’s important that your cleaning team knows which products to choose.

Choosing the wrong cleaning product can lead to a failed inspection.

Sanitation Solutions Plus has been helping our clients choose the right cleaning chemicals to pass audits since 2010.

When you’re ready to stay compliant with FDA and SQF guidelines, contact Sanitation Solutions Plus for a free quote.

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Commercial Cleaning for Beef, Pork, and Poultry Production

Failure to follow best practices for cleaning a meat production facility can lead to viruses and bacteria spreading.

When your production floor gets infected, you have to shut down, endangering your employees’ jobs and cutting into your margin of profit.

Sanitation Solutions Plus brings decades of combined experience sanitizing meat production operations, allowing us to help you select the right chemicals and cleaning practices for your needs.

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Commercial Cleaning Consultation in Virginia

Want to keep your in-house team? Sanitation Solutions Plus can help train your current staff by observing their workflow and seeing where it can be improved.

Sanitation Solutions Plus can:

  • Help your team select the right chemicals
  • Help your team stay on budget
  • Help your team improve their cleaning procedures
  • Help your team get ready to pass an FDA or SQF inspection
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With over a century of combined cleaning experience among our upper management, Sanitation Solutions Plus knows how to help you optimize your processes.

We’ll visit your facility, observe your workflow, and give you our recommendations in a quote for our services.

When you’re ready to improve your cleaning process, contact Sanitation Solutions Plus for a free quote.

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