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Keeping an on-site cleaning team adds to your costs. An in-house team doesn’t guarantee greater cleaning efficiency, but it does guarantee that you’ll have a narrower profit margin.

Companies wanting to help their bottom line may have floor workers clean as they go or after they finish.

However, your floor workers aren’t professional cleaners. That increases your likelihood of failing an FDA or SQF inspection.

Sanitation Solutions Plus has handled commercial cleaning contracts for small and medium-sized businesses since 2010.

We help you get ready for FDA and SQF audits, improving your process and efficiency as we go.

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Commercial Cleaning for Produce Facilities in Massachusetts

The number of food recalls by the FDA continues to increase. In response, FDA standards for cleanliness are raised.

Your in-house team may not be ready to keep up with new FDA regulations. If you have your floor workers handle the cleaning, they certainly aren’t ready.

Sanitation Solutions Plus brings decades of combined experience in our upper management alone.

Our management team is hands-on, helping equip your business to be more efficient and continue to pass all FDA and SQF audits, preventing shutdowns.

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Commercial Cleaning for Dry Food Production in Massachusetts

You have to carefully select the cleaners you use for a dry food production operation.

There’s no governing body for cleaning chemicals, meaning there’s no standard for your in-house team to adhere to. To find the right cleaners, you need to contract an experienced team.

Sanitation Solutions Plus has been keeping small and medium-sized operations clean since 2010. We use the right chemicals to sanitize your operation, making sure you’re ready to pass all FDA or SQF audits.

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Commercial Cleaning for Beef, Pork, and Poultry Production

When you have a meat production operation, it’s incredibly important you follow the correct procedures.

If the proper procedures aren’t followed, you risk letting bacteria and viruses spread throughout your processing plant. This jeopardizes your employees’ health and the operation of your business as a whole.

Sanitation Solutions Plus knows how to select the correct chemicals and procedures to help you keep your employees safe and your operation running smoothly.

We’ve been helping businesses just like yours pass inspections since 2010, and we’re here to help you do the same.

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Commercial Cleaning Consultation in Massachusetts

If you want to keep your in-house cleaning team, we can help you improve their performance.

Sanitation Solutions Plus can prevent your team from common mistakes like:

  • Using the wrong chemicals
  • Going over budget
  • Not continuing to optimize workflows
  • Risking failing an FDA or SQF audit
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Sanitation Solutions Plus has more than a century of combined cleaning experience - and that’s just among the upper management.

We’re a team of nearly 150 people, ready to help you pass audits and keep your production running smoothly.

When you’re ready to improve your in-house crew’s efficiency or bring in outside help, contact Sanitation Solutions Plus for a free quote.

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