You Deserve the Same Level of Care The Large Companies Get

Sanitation Solutions Plus was founded to provide small and medium-sized operations with the same quality cleaning that large organizations get.

Just because you don’t have the size and budget of the largest organizations doesn’t mean you deserve substandard work.

Sanitation Solutions Plus has been helping smaller operations get the care they deserve since 2010.

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We Handle the Cleaning. You Handle the Production

When you have an on-site team, those costs add up. Having your cleaning team in-house can cut into your bottom line and doesn’t guarantee a greater degree of efficiency.

Companies hoping to save money may have floor workers also do the cleaning as they go, but your floor team isn’t professional cleaners. Having them handle the cleaning also slows the production process down.

Having anyone but trained, experienced professionals clean your facility risks failing FDA and SQF audits.

Sanitation Solutions Plus has been handling commercial cleaning contracts for small and medium-sized businesses since 2010.

We know how to help get you ready for all FDA and SQF inspections, meaning you can keep working without worrying about failed audits or unnecessary shutdowns.

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Commercial Cleaning for Produce Facilities in Ohio

Food recalls are increasing, and the FDA standards are getting more rigorous to combat them.

Your in-house team may not be equipped to keep up with the more and more stringent FDA demands to combat recalls and salmonella outbreaks.

Sanitation Solutions Plus brings decades of combined experience to your project. We understand what the FDA is looking for, and we know how to clean to their standards.

We clean your facility seven days a week - no matter how many days you operate.

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Commercial Cleaning for Dry Food Production in Ohio

When cleaning a dry food production facility, it’s important to use the correct cleaners and the correct procedures.

Since there isn’t a governing body for regulating cleaning chemicals in the food industry, it’s important to rely on professionals with years of experience who know which cleaners to use.

Failure to use the right chemicals can lead to failed audits and production shutdowns, costing you time and money.

Sanitation Solutions Plus has decades of combined experience selecting the right chemicals and processes to make sure your facility is ready to pass any surprise FDA or SQF inspection.

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Commercial Cleaning for Beef, Pork, and Poultry Production

Sanitizing any plant that produces meat is a delicate process. If you need to be incredibly sure that your processes are correct - and followed.

If your processes or chemical choices are incorrect, you risk a slew of viruses and bacteria populating on your equipment. This puts your employees’ health at risk and will force you to shut down - potentially at significant cost to you.

Sanitation Solutions Plus brings more than a century of combined experience among our upper management, so we know how to help you implement the best processes and keep your employees safe.

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Commercial Cleaning Consultation in Ohio

Do you know if your in-house cleaning team is using the best chemicals? The most efficient cleaning methods? We do.

Without you ever realizing it, your team may be:

  • Using inferior cleaning chemicals
  • Spending unnecessarily
  • Running an inefficient sanitization process
  • Risking a failed FDA or SQF audit

Sanitation Solutions Plus will review your chemicals and their costs, conduct efficiency studies, and make recommendations for your staffing needs.

Ready to make your in-house team more efficient? Call Sanitation Solutions Plus today for a free quote.

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Sanitation Solutions Plus brings more than a century of contract cleaning experience in upper management alone - that’s not even including any of our 146 employees.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business that needs to improve your crew’s efficiency and help your bottom line, contact Sanitation Solutions Plus to get a free quote.

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