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We Make Sure You’re FDA and SQF-compliant

If your facility needs to pass FDA or SQF compliance tests, a failed audit means lost profits and putting your employees’ jobs in jeopardy.

Sanitation Solutions Plus brings decades of combined experience in keeping production facilities clean and orderly. We make sure you never have to worry about avoidable production shutdowns

Our cleaning contracts for small businesses and medium-sized businesses help small business owners get the same quality of treatment that the large companies are used to.

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We Clean Every Day, No Matter How Frequently You Operate

The best way to ensure you never have to shut down is by meticulously cleaning each day.

We clean seven days a week, even if you don’t operate each day.

Sanitation Solutions Plus gives you daily preops and routine safety inspections to make sure you’re audit-ready at all times.

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How We Help Improve Your Cleaning Process

Schedule a Survey

We’ll survey your facility while it’s in operation to identify the main points that need cleaning.


We’ll observe your current cleaning team to see what they do well and where their process can be improved.


After our walkthrough, we’ll offer a custom quote for your business. This takes a week at most.


When you’ve signed your commercial cleaning contract, we get to work making sure your facility stays compliant.

We Consult with Your In-House Team

Want to keep your in-house team? We consult with your current cleaners to help them operate more efficiently.

We find at least 10% savings for our clients by optimizing the processes of their in-house cleaning teams.

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Sanitation Solutions Plus has been commercial contract cleaning for small and medium-sized businesses since 2010.

When you need to stay compliant with the FDA or SQF, our contract cleaning services make sure you never have to shut down because of a failed audit.

Contact Sanitation Solutions Plus today to get a commercial cleaning contract that fits your business.

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