We Keep Your Facility Running Smoothly

Your in-house quality assurance team is busy as it is.

When they have to divide their attention among multiple objectives, something is bound to slip through the cracks.

Commercial cleaning contracts allow your in-house team to focus their efforts in other places, all while decreasing the likelihood of failing an FDA or SQF audit.

Sanitation Solutions Plus can take commercial cleaning off your plate, leaving your QA team to focus on other aspects of production and making it easier to account for all the small details

Our Cleaning Plans Are Tailored to You

Our contract cleaning services are always unique to your business, meaning you can get the best value for your money.

Services tailored uniquely to you also mean a better experience for your production floor employees and special attention to your weaker points.

While there are universal standards we have to adhere to, your facility still has unique needs that we’re here to meet.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business that needs a commercial cleaning contract for your facility, contact Sanitation Solutions Plus to get a free quote.

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How We Help You

Schedule a Survey

We look at your production facility while it’s operating. This helps us get a baseline for what services you’ll need from us.


We’ll observe your current sanitation team to see where your biggest weaknesses lie and how you can improve on them.


After the observational walk-through, we’ll draw up a proposal. This takes a week or less to finish and send to you.


After you’ve seen the proposal and we’ve agreed on terms, you sign, and we get to work. Our contracts typically run between one and three years.

We’ll Consult with Your Cleaning Team

Want to stick with your in-house cleaning team?

Sanitation Solution Plus will consult with your food sanitation services team to make them more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable.

Our services save clients at least 10% of their cleaning costs through improved best practices and an overview of where you’re allocating your funds.

Contact Sanitation Solutions Plus About Commercial Contract Cleaning

Sanitation Solutions Plus has been offering cleaning contracts for small businesses since 2010, bringing more than a century of combined experience.

No matter the size of your business, you deserve the highest quality cleaning service for your facility.

We handle:

  • Daily pre-op inspection
  • Bacteria control
  • Master sanitation schedule
  • Approved chemicals
  • Safety training
  • And more

When you’re ready to get started, contact Sanitation Solutions Plus to get a free quote.

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