"SSP has been a great addition to our food safety processes. The team cleaning our facility has been thorough and hard-working. The SSP management team's response time and problem-solving are greatly appreciated."

- Stephanie J, Food Safety Manager

“SSP is one of the best sanitation companies I have ever worked with.”

- Joe K, Quality Control and Food Safety Director

“Sanitation Solutions Plus has done a great job of partnering with us to continually improve the sanitation standards in our facility. Their flexibility and willingness to adjust to the demands of our production schedule are second to none. The SSP team stands behind their work 100% and strives to exceed our expectations.”

- Devon M, Director of Manufacturing Operations

“Sanitation Solutions Plus has partnered with us for the past 10 years. Over those years, they have done a superb job meeting our sanitation standards and keeping us in compliance with USDA. During our partnership, they never caused any downtime in our facility. SSP is a class act company that I would highly recommend.”

- Chad P, Complex Manager

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