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Dry Food

It’s important to select the right chemicals when cleaning a dry food facility.

With no official governing body regulating chemical selection, it’s important to choose a team with the expertise to know which chemicals to use - and to avoid.

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Beef, Pork, & Poultry

When working with meat, having a precisely-defined sanitation process is of the utmost importance.

If your process isn’t perfect, it’s very easy to contaminate your whole operation, risking the health of your workers and a full shutdown of your production facility.

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The FDA has ramped up recalls recently, so you need the highest quality cleaning.

A product recall or failed FDA audit slows down your production tremendously, cutting into your bottom line. We have years of experience helping clients pass FDA audits.

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Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Raise Your Cleanliness Standard

Unless you have a team of trained professionals, you risk failing an FDA or SQF audit.

Trying to cut costs by having your floor workers clean as they go only increases the risk of a failed audit, as they aren’t trained cleaning professionals. Plus, when they’re producing and cleaning, something is bound to fall through the cracks.

You could keep an in-house cleaning staff, but it’s expensive.

Sanitation Solutions Plus has been offering contract cleaning services to small and medium-sized businesses since 2010.

Sanitation Solutions Plus brings decades of experience and a hands-on management team to make sure your production passes inspections and never has to shut down unnecessarily. We optimize your processes to make sure you’re ready to pass FDA or SQF inspections.

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Our Process

Schedule Survey

We’ll tour your facility during production to identify where you’re most likely to fail an FDA or SQF audit.


We watch your current cleaning team work to find inefficiencies. We’ll factor this into our custom quote.


You’ll get a commercial cleaning contract proposal tailored to your business. This takes a week at most.


Once you’re satisfied with the proposal, we will finalize your terms. After you’ve signed, we clean seven days a week, no matter what.

Cleaning Consulting Services

Prefer to keep your in-house team? Sanitation Solutions Plus will work with your team to optimize their process.

Your team may be:

  • Using the wrong cleaning chemicals
  • Spending excessive amounts of money
  • Using inefficient cleaning methods and processes
  • Risking a failed FDA or SQF inspection

We routinely save our clients at least 10% of their cleaning costs.

Our management team brings over a century of combined experience, so we know where cleaning teams generally fail.

Sanitation Solutions Plus knows how to help you increase their efficiency quickly, lowering your risk of a costly failed audit.

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Commercial Contract Cleaning

When you need cleaning contracts for your small business or medium-sized business, contact Sanitation Solutions Plus.

We’ve been helping small businesses get the same quality of cleaning that the larger enterprises get since 2010.

When you’re ready to increase your standard of sanitation, help your business stay open, and protect the health of your employees, contact Sanitation Solutions Plus.

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