Christopher J. Kaunert and Jorge W. Flores de Valgaz had a strong vision and were motivated to impact the sanitation industry positively. With 50-plus collective years of experience, they decided to embark on a journey to establish a company that would provide excellent service at a competitive price and, at the same time, be a good source of income for many decent working families.

They were determined to create a company that would be reliable and trustworthy. That’s when Sanitation Solutions Plus was born.

Several factors have contributed to the success of Sanitation Solutions Plus over the past years.

Recognition of a Niche Market

Our decision was to focus on small and mid-size accounts that were being overlooked by larger sanitation companies. By identifying this niche market, we were able to provide specialized services and meet the specific needs of our customers.

Commitment to Excellent Service

Our dedication to providing excellent service to all of our customers, regardless of their size, has been instrumental in building a strong reputation. By consistently delivering high-quality services, we have gained the trust and loyalty of our clients.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our emphasis on dedicating time and attention to our average-sized customers sets us apart from competitors. By prioritizing their needs and ensuring personalized service, we have built strong relationships and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

This commitment has resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction, which in turn has led to customer loyalty and repeat business. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend our services to others, helping us expand our customer base.

Mission Statement

"At Sanitation Solutions Plus, our mission is to positively impact the sanitation industry by providing excellent service at a competitive price, fostering long-term partnerships based on trust, and prioritizing all customers, regardless of size."

Strong Reputation

Word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews from satisfied customers have played a significant role in establishing our credibility and attracting new clients. A solid reputation is crucial for long-term success and growth.

Differentiation from Competitors

Many sanitation companies tend to prioritize larger clients and may overlook the needs of smaller clients. By serving all customers with equal dedication, we have positioned ourselves as a reliable and customer-centric choice in the market.

Trust and Long-Term Partnerships

When clients know they can rely on us to consistently deliver high-quality service, it strengthens our relationship with them. These long-term partnerships not only contribute to our success but also provide stability and predictability in our business.

Geographic Focus

Our decision to focus on driving distance for our service area has allowed us to effectively manage and maintain our customer base. By staying within a manageable geographic range, we can provide prompt and efficient service to our clients.

Competitive Pricing

By providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of our services, we have attracted and retained customers.

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Overall, our success can be attributed to our ability to identify a niche market, deliver outstanding service, prioritize customer satisfaction, maintain a manageable service area, and offer competitive pricing. These factors have helped us establish a strong reputation and grow our sanitation company over the years.

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